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For Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Impaired Mobility, & Caregivers



 Chair Yoga



Our Adaptive Chair Yoga is completed virtually using Zoom on Wednesdays at 11:00 AM Mountain Standard Time. Classes are completed in a seated position and focus on building neuroplasticity, increasing mobility and endurance, and introducing mind-body practices.

Evening class time is 5:00 PM Mountain Time.





   Individual Coaching



Individual coaching is available for stroke survivors, caregivers, and loved ones. Sessions include components of psychoeducation, mindfulness, therapeutic practices and techniques which have been shown to help individuals cope with anxiety, depressive symptoms, and stress.





   8 Week Mental Wellness Program


Our 8 Week Mental Wellness Programs are designed to improve cognitive health, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life through a tailored curriculum of evidence-based techniques and exercises that foster resilience, positive thinking, and therapeutic practices as you work on-one with a qualified mental health specialist.

Our program options include:

  •     8 Week Wellness for Aging Adults
  • 8 Week Wellness for Caregivers





Mindfulness Class



Mindfulness and meditation are excellent ways to help manage and cope with anxiety, stress, and depressive symptoms.

Our 60 minute classes explain the stress response at a physiological level, introduce mindfulness practices and techniques, and provide resources so you can use these tools outside the classroom.

This class is open to both caregivers, survivors, and anyone else who is interested in mindfulness! 





  Stroke Support Group*


Sometimes we all need a safe space to share our joys, challenges, and our growth in life. Support groups are an excellent place to find like-minded individuals to share these moments with.

*Geographical limitations apply





  More Classes Coming Soon!


We’re always looking for ways provide more support for the community in a virtual format. 

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Class Schedule

Unalome Lotus is happy to offer virtual chair yoga classes. Each class is tailored specifically to class members’ abilities and focuses on growth and development.


Adaptive Chair Yoga

Wednesdays at 11:00 AM & 5:00 PM Mountain Time

This yoga class is practiced completely seated and is ideal for clients of all skill levels and mobility, including those who have one side weakness or paralysis. This class aims to work both sides of the brain and build neuroplasticity through poses and movements that work one or both sides of the body.

Caregiver Chair Yoga

Coming Soon!

Caregiver class is ideal for individuals who want to increase mobility, physical endurance, and foster mind-body connection. Standing poses and movements may be incorporated. Class topics and meditations emphasize mindfulness techniques that build coping skills and expand self-awareness. 

Mindfulness Classes

Coming Soon!

Our 60 minute Mindfulness classes explain the stress response at a physiological level, introduce mindfulness practices and techniques, and provide resources so you can use these techniques appropriately outside the classroom to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Self-care isn’t selfish!

Benefits to a consistent yoga practice

Research has expanded in recent years to include exploring yoga as an additional resource for stroke survivors and the findings are tremendous. 

A consistent yoga practice can decrease the experience of negative emotions and help build motor function and endurance. 

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Mindfulness and mind-body practices are an excellent resource for caregivers as well.

Studies show that a consistent yoga practice can help caregivers in reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms as well as improve caregiver quality of life. 

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Individual Coaching


β€œIn the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity.”

β€” Albert Einstein


Sometimes we need a little extra support or help to get us back on track. Unalome Lotus offers one-on-one coaching options for stroke survivors, caregiver, or family members. 





Benefits of Individual Coaching

Stroke Survivors 

Studies show that active and cognitive strategies like psychoeducation, problem solving, and mindfulness were beneficial for survivors during recovery.

Individual coaching sessions for survivors focus on building these skills in addition to the use of evidence-based therapeutic interventions to help clients with anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions. 

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Caregivers and Families 

Individual coaching isn’t only for stroke survivors. Caregivers have a high risk of experiencing anxiety, depression, and stress compared to non-caregivers. 

Psychoeducation and other psychological techniques, such as coping skill-training, problem-solving therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral therapy, have been shown to help reduce caregiver anxiety and depressive symptoms as well as increase general psychosocial wellbeing. 

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Meet Rachael

Rachael has her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Denver and Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from Agnes Scott College. She has over 6 years of experience in the mental health field working closely with adolescents, adults, and older adults.


Rachael received her YTT200 yoga teacher certificate in 2018 and has had a personal practice for over 10 years. She loves combining her passion of yoga with her social work skill set to bring her clients an inclusive and healing practice. 





The Impact of Stroke

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries nutrients and oxygen to the brain is either blocked by a clot or ruptures/bursts. Because of this rupture, part of the brain cannot get blood and/or oxygen necessary for function resulting in the death of brain cells. The two most common forms of stroke is an ischemic stroke and a hemorrhagic stroke. A TIA (transient ischemic attack), is caused by a temporary clot (American Heart Association).

In 2019 alone, there were 101.5 million strokes worldwide with 6.6 million of these resulting in death. Ischemic strokes account for over 70% of strokes globally and are more prevalent in countries in parts of North Africa and the Middle East, southern sub-Saharan Africa, high-income North America, and Southeast Asia ( American Heart Association)

With this staggering number in mind, it is no surprise that stroke is a leading cause of disability and death worldwide (World Health Organization). WSO reports that there are over 80 million individuals globally who are living with this chronic illness. They also report that 1 in 4 people over the age of 25 will have a stroke in their lifetime (World Stroke Organization).

Stroke often impacts individuals in the height of their productive years and can have severe negative physical and cognitive implications on the stroke survivor and their families ( 2016). The type of stroke and location of the stroke impact possible effects of stroke on an individual.  This can range from changes in physical and cognitive abilities, career/employment changes, and shifts in family dynamics. 

There is no doubt that stroke is a life-altering event for both the survivor and their families. 

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