Individual Coaching for Stroke, Older Adults, and Caregivers

“You are not a drop in the ocean,
You are the entire ocean in a drop.”


Personal Coaching 


Major life changes, such as shifts in health, are often accompanied by anxiety, depression, and a decrease in quality of life. These are a normal response to a major life change, but they don’t have to be forever, nor do you have to be alone. 

Unalome Lotus offers one-on-one coaching aimed at helping clients take control back in their life by building coping and stress-management techniques, identifying local resources and supports, increasing understanding of stroke, and redefining values and purpose in their life. 

Reach out today to see if coaching is a good fit for you. Sessions are available for survivors, family, and friends. 








What does coaching include?



Sessions always include methods to expand client’s understanding of stroke and its impact on the individual, family, and community. 


Therapeutic Interventions/Techniques

Sessions blend techniques from evidence-based interventions to help clients build coping skills, manage stress, and better regulate emotional functioning. These include but are not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solutions Focused Brief Therapy, and Narrative Therapy. 


Exploring Stroke Story

Survivors and their loved ones all have a stroke story. Sessions work to map out this story in detail, identify personal strengths and resources, and build a narrative of resiliency and accomplishment. 


Mindfulness Practices 

Mindfulness practices and techniques are major a cornerstone of personal coaching as they’re proven to help survivors and caregivers with stress, anxiety, and depression. These can include meditation, grounding exercises, breath work, and other mind body practices. These practices help encourage self-reflection and expand self-awareness. 



How it works 


Sessions are completed virtually on a computer or tablet. A fast, secure internet connection and a webcam are needed.

Sessions run 60 minutes in length and are schedules weekly or bi-monthly depending on client needs. Each session is $85 and is billed monthly. 

We recommend attending each individual coaching in a quiet and secluded location as sensitive information may be discussed in-session. This also allows you to feel more comfortable and secure as we dive into concerns, issues, and challenges that may be holding you back in your happiness and wellness. 




Benefits of Coaching 


There are many potential benefits to individual coaching for stroke survivors and caregivers including:

-decreased anxiety

-reduced depressive symptoms

-increase in quality of life 

To find out more information on health benefits, click the link below. 




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