Online Mindfulness Classes


Mindfulness is defined as “the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.”

In simple terms, it’s being aware of ourselves and experience in the present moment without criticism. This usually leads to a calm and compassionate mindset. 

Our Mindfulness classes are open to both caregivers, survivors, and anyone else who is interested in mindfulness! 






Class Learning Content


Our Mindfulness Classes include several educational and practical components. These include:

-Outline the autonomic nervous system and how stress and anxiety impact our bodies at a physiological level

-Explore how breathing techniques and practices can help regulate the nervous system

-Identify different grounding techniques and situations you can apply the skills to

-Develop and deepen a meditative practice that’s specific to student interests and goals

-Additional videos, handouts, and resources provided to assist class content


Benefits of Mindfulness


Mindfulness practices can be greatly beneficial to individuals of all circumstance and situation, including stroke survivors, traumatic brain injuries, and caregivers alike.

Studies show that mindfulness can help:

-Reduce anxiety

-Help manage stress

-Increase quality of life

-Improve Cognition





Each week reviews and build’s off of previous class content so that members can full grasp the learning and practice materials. Because of this, our mindfulness classes are designed to be taken on a weekly basis. 

Classes are $48 a month for one class a week, billed monthly. 

6 Month Class Packages can be purchased for $260, a 10% discount over the monthly rate!

Major credit cards are accepted. 



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