Caregiver Chair Yoga

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Caregiver class is ideal for individuals who want to increase mobility, physical endurance, and foster mind-body connection. Standing poses and movements may be incorporate Class topics and meditations emphasize mindfulness techniques that build coping skills and expand self-awareness.  


6:00 – 6:10

Introduction of Theme

Class starts with a theme, quote, or yogic concept that aims to foster creative thought, self reflection, and expand your awareness. Class theme may also include a practiced pranayama (breath work).



6:10 – 6:50

Class Flow

Class flow follows the introduction of the class theme. Class flow usually works from the feet and move up to the head and starts with gentle stretching. Movements include single and combined side movements and postures to build strength and increase range of motion. Standing poses are incorporated as class allows. 



6:50 – 7:00

Guided Meditation

The last 10 minutes of class is a guided meditation. You can take this meditation seated or laying down in savasana. Meditations vary week to week and usually work in conjunction with the class theme. 


Benefits of Yoga


There are a number of benefits of a consistent yoga practice, both for caregivers and stroke survivors. Find out more on this evidence informed practice through the link below.



What you need for class


    • Internet access
    • Screen to view the class through (laptop, ipad, etc)
    • An email account to receive class link 
    • A chair (for safety reasons, we do not recommend office chairs or chairs with wheels)
    • Water
    • Comfortable loose clothing





Studies show that a consistent yoga practice is key to helping reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms (2015).

Because of this, our classes are designed to be taken on a weekly basis. Each class builds on the previous class materials and work to expand and promote different movements, techniques, and skills. 

Classes are $50 a month for one class a week, billed monthly. 

6 Month Class Packages can be purchased for $270, a 10% discount over the monthly rate!

Major credit cards are accepted. 



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Benefits of Yoga

Classes are designed to build strength, endurance, and neuroplasticity. Learn more about the other benefits a consistent practice can bring!



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