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Unalome Lotus provides virtual supportive services to foster holistic-health and community for stroke, aging adults, and caregivers. Our online services include Adaptive Chair Yoga, 8 Week Mental Wellness, Individual Coaching, and Stroke Support Group*.

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About Rachael

Rachael has her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Denver and her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from Agnes Scott College. She is a licensed social worker in the state of Colorado and pulls from her extensive education and experience in mental health. Rachael has over 6 years of experience working closely with adolescents, adults, and older adults. Rachael found her passion for brain health while completing her master’s where she worked closely with survivors and their families to provide education, support, and rehabilitative services through in-person and virtual format. 

Rachael received her YTT200 yoga teacher certificate in 2018 and has had a personal practice for over 10 years. She enjoys the mind-body connection that yoga offers in conjunction with evidence based practices from her mental health training and education. Rachael combines these skills and resources to provide clients with a holistic health approach to increase quality of life and overall satisfaction. 

















How Unalome Started

Rachael started Unalome Lotus because she saw the need for services for stroke survivors and their families that could be provided virtually. The pandemic has been a trying and challenging time for many. With reduced capacities in facilities, increases safety precautions, and travel restrictions, resources for stroke survivors and their families have been greatly limited. Unalome Lotus aims to provide supportive and rehabilitative services to individuals from the comfort and safety of their own home.



Virtual Support and Services

It is no surprise in this day and age that there is an increase need for web-based and virtual options for survivors and caregivers (2017) (2010). The event of the pandemic required many hospitals and care settings to limit or refuse ‘non-urgent- services (2020). This caused a huge drop of stroke-services to be both available and used by stroke survivors and their families (2020) (2020); resulting in a decreased quality of care and resources as were pre-pandemic.

 Here at Unalome Lotus, we hope to bridge the gap of unmet needs for our clients by providing quality services through a virtual setting. This allows you engage in a supportive community from anywhere in the world. All you need is a fast internet connection, a computer or ipad with a camera and speaker, and yourself. Inquire today or sign up for one of our virtual services. 


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Benefits of Yoga

Classes are designed to build strength, endurance, and neuroplasticity. Learn more about the other benefits a consistent practice can bring!



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