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Unwind and Relax with this 10 Minute Guided Meditation: Resources for Stroke & TBI

Did you know that having a consistent meditation practice can change the makeup of your brain? Specifically with the grey matter, neuron dense areas within the brain. Studies have shown that  meditation can increase the grey matter in the hippocampus which is associated with concentration and decrease the grey matter in the amygdala, which is associated with the stress response. 

So it’s not a surprise to know that meditation can help reduce anxiety and stress, specifically for stroke survivors and those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury by helping calm the body and mind. 

A great meditation practice is visual meditations which are often guided by a yoga instructor, therapist, or qualified professional. These meditations focus on focusing the mind on a calming image or experience, often seeing the image in your mind as well as observing the physical and emotional sensations that arise from the practice.

Ready to give it a try? Follow our guided 10 minute ‘Velvet Blanket’ meditation below.



Interested in more meditations? All of our online chair yoga classes end in a guided meditation, lead by the instructor. These meditations change from class to class so you can find a practice that fits your personal preference. Call today today to learn more about our online chair yoga classes for stroke and traumatic brain injuries and our other virtual supportive services!

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