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Just 20 Minutes Outside can Improve your Mood, Life Satisfaction, and Affect!

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Opt-Outside this Fall

You’ve probably spent some time outdoors in your lifetime, even if it was in small doses. 

Maybe you stepped outside to get some fresh air when you’ve felt frustrated, mad, or even disappointed. And if you took that time and went outside, you may remember feeling better if not a little more clear headed.

Or you may recall a time you spent outside, hiking, a picnic at a park, or just a stroll through some local woods, and remember the sense of calmness or satisfaction you gained from the peaceful activity. 

So it’s no surprise that studies have found benefits to spending time outside, even if its only 20 minutes at your local park!

A 2019 study had 94 participants complete a short questionnaire after a short park visit. The questionnaire aimed to evaluate their subjective well-being (SWB) which focused on affect and life satisfaction.  

And the results were great!

They found that there was a significant improvement in park-goers’ SWB, affect, and life satisfaction scores after their visit. This improvement was equal across individuals who engaged in exercise and those who sat or strolled leisurely with their time outdoors. 

A great aspect of state parks is they often have accommodations for those with disabilities or special needs. For stroke survivors and individuals with limited mobility, this is a must for public places!

These accommodations may include:

  • Reserved and accessible parking
  • Accessibility to seating or resting spots
  • Paved or level walking trails
  • Shaded seating
  • Additional requests can be made through application on the park website 

So try to take some time this week and head to your local park or scenic area for a quick dose of nature- You’ll probably feel calmer and happier after!



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