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Brain Games and Phone Apps For Stroke or TBI

Our Favorites Free Sites for Brain Games

Cognitive functioning includes reasoning, learning, thinking, problem solving, memory, decision making, and attention, which all major aspects of our everyday functioning! So when it’s impaired or influenced, whether that’s from lack of sleep, substance use, or even a brain injury like TBI or stroke, it can make elements of every day living difficult or challenging. 

But all is not lost! Brain games, puzzles, and quizzes are great ways to strengthen your brain, improve your cognitive functioning, and build neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to rewire itself after injury). Thankfully, there are a load of options, both free and paid, available online and on your phone to help keep you sharp and your brain healthy. 

Unsure of where to start? Check out these free website below for some quick and easily accessed options. 


Paid Websites and Phone Apps

If you’d like a wider variety of brain games and puzzles or are serious about challenging and working your mind, a paid website or phone app might be a better option for you. They also tend to have better visuals, larger screen fonts, and less advertisements that could be distracting or confusing. The best part? Many of these recommendations are designed by neuroscientists with a solid foundation of evidence behind their questions, games, and puzzles and some are even designed specifically for stroke and TBI! 

So check our list below and let us know if you try any of them! 

Keep in mind that many of these apps have a free version with limited games and puzzles available as well as a trial period option so you can give it a chance before paying anything 🙂


Luminosity (phone app)

While this application isn’t designed specifically for stroke or TBI, it is a very well known brain training app that has a plethora of activities and games available to both learn how your brain works as well as train your brain. It starts with a 10 minute ‘Fit Test’ to determine your baseline scores and includes curated sets of games for you, personalized challenges in memory, logic, language, and problem solving, and detailed insights into your strengths and weaknesses. 

Price: $11.99 USD/month or $59.99 USD/year


Elevate – Brain Training (phone app)

Similar to Luminosity, Elevate is a brain training app that is designed for the general population, so nothing specifically designed for stroke or TBI. The emphasis that Elevate focuses on is a personalized training program that will adjust over the course of use to give you maximum results in your brain training. Areas they hope to improve include speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, focus and other areas. The app is also designed in collaboration with experts in cognitive learning and neuroscience with research backing their games and puzzles.

Price: $39.99USD/year 


Peak – Brain Training

Peak is another brain training app designed for consistent use for any cognitive abilities. They focus on only six major categories for improvement: Emotion Control, Mental Agility, Language, Problem Solving, and Coordination. With with over 45 games and the option for a ‘Daily Workout’ this app is a great option to train your brain no matter when or where you are. 

Price: $4.99USD/month, $34.99USD/year   


Cognitive Therapy

While the most expensive app on this list, it’s also the most specialized. Cognitive Therapy is an award-winning language, speech, and cognitive therapy app designed with help people with dementia, aphasia, and other speech or neurological disorders caused by stroke or TBI. Set your own rehabilitation goals and practice memory, reading, attention, comprehension, and speech through evidence-based exercises developed by neuroscientists and clinicians.

Price: $29.99USD/month

Don’t forget that our online chair yoga series can also help strengthen cognitive functioning through physical activity, breathing exercises, and mind-body connection. Learn more or sign up for classes here!